What is Kamichichi's girls?

Four remakes to make your crotch burst!

Remade into a game with only the sex scenes!

In response to all the comments saying, "I don't need the game! Just give me the sex scenes!", we've put every sex scene into a new sex-scene only game!

Remade in full HD, 1920x1080 resolution!

Harem Fantasy had a 640x480 resolution. Apostle was 1186x666, and Island Saga was 1280x720. All of these titles were remade in 1920x1080. Enjoy the high-resolution sex scenes!

Previously unvoiced scenes are fully voice acted, too!

Heroines who've never had a voice before get to speak, making their scenes sexier than ever! Note: This only applies to Harem Fantasy and Apostle.

Animated remake!

We've painstakingly revised once-static sex scenes so that as many CGs as possible could be animated.

Compatible with PC and Android!

Available on PC and Android.

The Kamichichi's girls will always be with you wherever and whenever you want.